If it is true that Kurt is chasing after Blaine (again), I actually would enjoy that. The main reason is that there has been so much opinion that Blaine is so overbearing towards Kurt, practically forcing him to be in the relationship that it would be great to have Kurt have a chance to step back and see that he does, indeed, love Blaine and want to be only with him. I sure wish that (although Blaine is my favorite character) the Season 2 Blaine would resurface, hair and all.

Heard the song “Raise Your Glass” on my iPod today. Probably my all time favorite Warbler song and performance so I had to re-watch “Original Songs” since it is also one of my all time favorite Glee episodes. I’m always so moved by the scenes between Kurt and Blaine but today, what really brought an unexpected surge of feeling, was a shot of Finn backstage, watching Rachel sing “Get It Right”. The admiration, the realization of his feelings for Rachel, all expressed without any words just blew me away. The guy was such an under appreciated actor. He just made such a difficult characterization seem effortless. I really miss his presence on the show.

Wow. Been a long time since I posted. Not since going to the Chris Colfer book signing. Just thought I’d take a minute and weigh in on the spoilers. After reading them I decided I’m not going to take much time worrying about them. I don’t think they’ve ever played out the way I’ve thought and often too much angst is spent over nothing. I still think Blaine and Kurt will end up married. It will be disappointed if the last weeks of the series are spent reuniting them again. I guess that story arc worked out so well the first time they felt it necessary to repeat it.That being said, I guess I’ll just watch the ending play out and try to appreciate the talented cast and crew perform for the last times as a group, knowing the hours of joy they have given so many.